Anyone Interested In Starting This Huge Process?

Are we ready to begin? it will be a slow process, but that means we will make sure it is done right.

First, we have to corporate this idea to make the league possible, so we do this with the country we are in, then begin to find those people who want to start up chapters or clubs; meaning teams.

That would mean going to your city or area you are in, and begin the same way as the league is started, then recruiting of players, doctors, coaches, and going to the local businesses to see if they would want to sponsor each club, so we can afford to rent the stadiums at the high schools or colleges to play, to get training equipment, balls, uniforms, insurance.

Now, we must remember, this is not some summer league or intramural league, but an actual football league, so we must find those folks who know the game, love the game, and is Authentically Catholic!

It will require people who can get out and move around properly, not a person like me who is home bound, speaking to the guys at church, men clubs at church, speaking to the high school students, college students, their parents; if they like soccer and watch it, have played it at recess, had chances to join the junior National Team, played at summer youth teams.

Once we get players, coaches, doctors on board, we have to find sponsors, local businesses first, then we can try to reach out to Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media, other Traditional Catholic Publications and businesses; so we can afford to play and to travel, and to have insurance for those times you get injured playing or training.

We start playing high school teams, college teams, get our names out there, then we start trying to get connected to US Soccer and MLS, then we can begin to get our reach even further and begin to find even better players.

This will be different than Ordo Militaris Catholicus in one way, yes you will get paid, but still ran like a Non-Profit, money into a collection, goes back into the training equipment fees, renting fees, insurance fees, travel fees with passports and visas, then to help pay the coaches, trainers, doctors and players.  I don’t want the board members or anyone in the higher ups become rich and powerful, but whatever the cost for league cost if need to keep renewing license.  Finally, I remain un-paid and a volunteer.



How Much Would It Be To Build Stadiums?

Well from the study from Louisville Kentucky, if it is built in these big expensive cities, it will be expensive, even for the 10,000 seater, they say around 30 to 50 Million Dollars, depends how the city is well prepared, they will also put money into the stadium.

Those giant 100k seater stadiums in Europe, way more expensive.  But, if we can work with schools, we can borrow their American Football Stadiums and then we rent them from the schools. That would be also considered by the city and school.

Price on Training and game equipment, few thousand dollars, just by looking on the Net World Sports Soccer Training Equipment Page

With the usual filing with the state or government as the other Leagues do when they started; just like when starting a corporation, we will need to find board members, members, file the founding paperwork, then begin to form teams and once we get teams, founded, we go speak to local schools, churches, to see who wants to play.

Also speak to businesses who would want to sponsor us, and help us pay for equipment and renting fields to play in.  We also recruit coaches, trainers. Once we get things going, we make ourselves known to US Soccer and other Soccer Leagues to see if we can play their teams.

It will be expensive, but if we can get our Catholic brethren to buy into this, not ruin it how Major League Soccer did in their beginning by playing in too big of places, start out small, work up, build our game, then once we are ready for the big show, we do it.

Finally, there will be trolls, some teams, owners, will be speaking trash, and not like what we are doing, just let them speak, and we will speak with our hard work, dedication, and style of play, earn their trust.


Proposing The Idea Of A Catholic Soccer League

1. Would A Professional Catholic Soccer League Be A Good Idea?

2. The Type of coaches would need to be Authentically Catholic: Believes and Lives the Catholic Faith Taught by Jesus Christ, The Apostles, Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and also know how to motivate young men and men their own age to go up against the best teams in the world.

3. Loves Soccer, knows the European Teams and their style of play, and knows the Great Soccer Managers, and willing to use their style of play in this league.

4. No Cussing, Nothing Contrary to the Catholic Faith is taught or supported, means Authentically Catholic Businesses and Organizations, and whatever else can support this league.

5. Also use this league to bring the Faith to the youth, use sports to bring them the Faith, and see if they would want to do youth leagues.

6. The Latin Mass, and the Sacraments will be offered in the Traditional Manner, plus the Eucharistic Adorations and Processions.

7. The security for the teams, would be done through our parent organization, Ordo Militaris Catholicus
8. If any players whenever this takes hold and becomes a reality, if some of their sponsors are supporting something contrary to the Catholic Church, we will find companies who make the same item or something similar, that does support Catholic Ideology and Teachings.

Idea & Start Of Catholic FC

Few years back, when I just started to volunteer with Ordo Militaris Catholicus and used a small android tablet for all the social media posting work, and being an avid European Sports fan of Soccer and watching the FIFA World Cup, where the best players play for their home country and news was breaking how the leftist globalists who run FIFA and all the major Soccer Leagues of Europe, said they were cracking down on most Catholic Players; because it is Catholics who make the Sign of the Cross and then there is a Muslim Cleric also pushing for this back in May 12th of 2017

So back around that time I proposed a Catholic Football League; where Catholic Soccer Players can come, play, live and practice the Catholic Faith and not be penalized for it.

I did a blog for it or website,  and it is based on the real life game or whatever it is called, by former Soccer Manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, Top Eleven- Be A Football Manager

It is a good trainer, a mix of computer players and actual people who you have to compete against, including Jose himself.  You have to build your team, recruit players, do the normal purchasing of players as it is done in real life, build your stadium, practice facility, medical facility, everything.

It is so strange, we Christians and most of all Catholics; are facing all this persecution: either death, slavery, being sold, now can’t practice our faith openly if you are soccer players; when you enter the pitch to play or when you leave for fresh players, or when you score or after the game, when you and your teammates circle around and pray and give thanks to God for the game.

So, yes, we Catholics should be able to do our own league and to play against these other European leagues ran by European Socialist Globalists and challenge them in the Premier League, Champions League, World Cup and the like.

I wanted to do this before my illness that started in 2008 fully took over, now we would need faithful Catholics whose love of this game; European Style; because if we go at it like the US Mens team, we would be laughing stocks.  But, who could do this, I do not know, it may never happen, but had to share from what I knew and that this persecution is all over the place.

Deus Vult

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